Wednesday, December 13, 2017
The insurance brokerage-agency marketplace is a vibrant, evolving and dramatically changing landscape. The seller universe may have shrunk, but the buyer universe is more diverse than ever. National and regional brokers, as well as banks currently in the business, remain active at the same time emerging entrants include additional banks, private-equity firms and other de novo start-ups. Regardless of your firm‘s position as a buyer or seller, OPTIS Partners is committed to maximizing the return on your investment through our intimate industry expertise and knowledge of the M&A process.

Seller Representation Services
  • Preparation and positioning to enhance transaction value
  • Identification and qualification of prospective buyers
  • Negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions to optimize overall owner rewards and minimize exposure to market risks
Buyer Representation Services
  • Assistance in defining an acquisition strategy
  • Searching for and screening of prospective sellers
  • Negotiating terms and conditions conducive to mutual success
  • Assistance facilitating the management and financial integration of the two organizations
  • Detailed examination and analysis of the target firm‘s financial information and records including, as applicable, relevant financial-statement detail
  • Identification of problem areas and/or best practices of the selling firm
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