Wednesday, December 13, 2017
OPTIS Partners’ services in this area focus on a broad range of functions and topics, including:
  • Review and redefinition of the budget process, including:
    • Specific financial-performance goals and objectives
    • Revenues, compensation and expenses
    • Capital needs
    • Personnel investments required for growth, client service or internal management purposes
  • Review and improvement of management reporting, including:
    • Identification of critical success factors and any changes needed
    • Analysis and reporting on these factors
    • Balance-sheet reviews of liquidity, stability and validity
  • Financial-performance improvement through benchmarking and peer analysis, including:
    • Continuous comparison of revenue- expense-, profitability- and balance-sheet analytics against historical performance and available, pertinent peer information
    • Identification of problem areas, or items outside the norm and in need of attention
    • Development of plans to remedy these issues when cost-effective
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